Keynote Speaker

    Safaa Sayed Mahmoud
Dean of Computer Science and Information Systems, Professor at Ain Shams University, Egypt
Bio: TBA


Plenary Speaker

    Frank Gunzer
German University in Cairo, Egypt

Frank Gunzer
received his diploma in physics in 1999 and the doctoral degree in physical chemistry in 2003 from the Christian‐Albrecht‐University in Kiel, Germany. The doctoral thesis was in the field of laser mass spectrometry. In 2003, he joined the German University in Cairo, where he is currently employed as a Full Professor in the Faculty of Information Engineering and Technology. His research is focused on the detection and analysis of substances with the help of different spectroscopy and spectrometry techniques supported by computer algorithms. Since 2011, he is the head of the Electronics Engineering Department of the Faculty of Information Engineering and Technology.

Honorary Award:
2013, 2017 Scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in the framework of the international scientific exchange program (WAP)
2004 Familie-Schindler-Foerderpreis Award for the doctoral thesis, Christian-Albrecht-University, Kiel, Germany


Speech Title: Advanced Information Systems at Work: Structural Analysis of Molecules for Pharmaceutical Applications

Invited Speaker

    Ahmad Zamzuri Mohamad Ali
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia

Ahmad Zamzuri MOHAMAD ALI
is Professor of Multimedia in the Faculty of Art, Computing and Creative Industry, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia. He has a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, a Master in Education from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and PhD in Multimedia Design from Universiti Sains Malaysia. Has taught both face-to-face and online classes in higher education for over 20 years. His research and publication interest is in instructional technology specifically in multimedia design and programming learning and teaching. To date, he has published 4 books and over 100 articles in journals, chapter in books, national and international proceedings, and monthly periodical.


Speech Title: Hardware-Software Interfacing Visualizer to Improve Students’ Logical Thinking Skills in Programming learning

Abstract: Teaching and learning programming is considered difficult, and it is considered as one of the seven grand challenges in computing education. Research finding shows that among the reason of students’ difficulty in mastering programming skills was due to their inability in visualizing the flow of the programming process in a meaningful manner. Moreover, the problem worsens when static media were employed in teaching dynamic concepts of programming. Therefore, the development of experimental tools that can assist learners in visualizing programming process dynamically seems crucial, specifically in hardware-software interfacing fields. Since programming tools were generally developed to meet professional preferences requirement, they often have extensive sets of concepts and features that are problematic for novices. It is complex to develop a tool that could accommodate both novices and experts. Whereby, requirement of programmers of different levels of knowledge is not easy to be fulfilled by a single tool. Therefore, efforts are needed to develop tools specifically designed to fulfill the requirements of beginner programmers. In conclusion, the talk will address this issue in more specific.