Speakers (ICAISE 2019)

Prof. Safaa Sayed Mahmoud
Ain Shams University, Egypt

Safaa S. Mahmoud is Full Professor of Information Technology and Education at Ain Shams University. She has International award from the World Education Congress, India, for the outstanding achievement of e-learning, 29-30 June 2012. Also, Awarded the Ain Shams University Prize. Has Leadership and management competence such as : Head of the Department of Educational Technology, Faculty of Specific Education, from 17-10-2005 and until 31-8-2009 then Head of Education Technology Department, Faculty of Education, 2011-013, Founder of Ain Shams University e-Learning University Center, and the first director of the Center by the President of the University 2007. Head of Documentation and Information Technology Unit, Middle East Research Center, Ain Shams University, from 2011-2015. Participating in organizing the Ain Shams University Scientific competence. Arbitrator of the Standing Scientific Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities for curricula and teaching methods of education technology 2013-2016. Arbitrator in a number of international and local magazines. Also a Chair of a number of local and international conferences since 2009. A Keynote Speaker and Rapporteur for a number of conferences and International Magazine. Information Systems and Organizational Excellence Consultant. Authoring a number of scientific books in the field of specialization. Participating in committees to review the regulations of graduate studies in the faculties of the university. Attendance of many conferences and seminars held in the postgraduate sector such as attending a workshop of ethics of scientific research, funding of scientific research, quality seminars, e-learning, information technology, .... Internal resident of the university faculties through the Quality Assurance Center. Community Service. Member of the university committee for community service and medical convoys, • Training NGOs, • Member of a number of national and international associations. Writer of Al-Ahram Foundation in the magazine of the age of the age. Scientific Supervisor of Al-Safir Newspaper. Certified trainer in some Arab countries such as Abu Dhabi Police United Arab Emirates Arab European Center - ProMedia Center Kuwait - Ministry of Education Saudi Arabia.